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    Rainwater Tank Gauges & Level Indicators

    Rainwater Tank Gauges & Level Indicators

    Stocked by leading tank manufacturers, installers, retailers, plumbing stores, plumbers and irrigation stores across Australia, Nicko rainwater tank level indicators are Australia’s most popular rainwater tank gauges.

    Manufactured in Australia using quality materials, Nicko rainwater tank level indicators are built to last and are backed by a 5-year warranty for your complete peace of mind. Established in 1980, we are Australia’s leading manufacturers of rainwater tank gauges.

    A mechanical water tank gauge is the best way to measure the precise water level of your tank. Our quality tank level gauges indicate how much water is left in your tank so you can use it wisely and improve your usage habits.

    Types of Rainwater Tank Gauges

    We manufacture two types of rainwater tank level indicators, the traditional Cat and Mouse water tank level indicator and the guided tank level indicator. Both of these systems work in a similar fashion and are extremely efficient. They provide a true reading, which means that the meter will show the exact level of water so you know how long before your tank runs out.

    • Guided Rainwater Tank Level Indicator – Nicko guided water tank indicators are ideal for deep water tanks (depths greater than 3m). Built using non-corrosive aluminium, these indicators boast stainless steel wiring and rust-proof coating. These systems are easy to install and stay unaffected by even high winds. The 3M Hi-Visibility Reflective material used on the indicator gauge means you can read the measurement from even 100m away.
    • Traditional Cat and Mouse Rainwater Tank Level Indicator – The Nicko cat and mouse water level indicator features the simple pulley and counterweight system with a free-standing indicator alongside the tank. This is Australia’s most popular gauge system that’s proven to be accurate and reliable. It is easy to install, extremely reliable, a gimmick-free system that offers a true reading from even far away.

    Rainwater Tank Level Indicator – How It Works?

    water level indicator is comprised of a float connected to a pointer or counterweight. The indicator and weighted float are connected to the counterweight/pointer by stainless steel cords with each cord running over two pulleys. Everything is balanced when the float is half-immersed.
    When there’s an increase in the water level the float rises up while the counterweight/pointer moves down. The indicator keeps up with the float.
    When there’s a decrease in the water level, the float moves down causing the counterweight/pointer to move up. The indicator keeps up with the float.

    The indicator will always match the level of the water exactly. So if the water level is 2 feet from the ground, the indicator will also show up exactly two feet above the ground.

    Benefits of Nicko Rainwater Tank Gauges

    • Measure the level of water at a glance.
    • Monitor your water consumption.
    • Avoid overflows.
    • Avoid dry runs.
    • Easy to install and maintain.
    • High quality gauges that last for years.
    • Affordable and value for money.
    • Australia’s favourite brand.

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