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    Nicko Water Tank Level Indicators & Water Level Gauge

    water tank level indicator detects and indicates the level of water in an overhead tank or any other over the groundwater container. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing quality depth meters for tanks, Nicko offers a range of indicators that are ideal for storage tanks, boiler etc. to determine the exact level of water inside. The products manufactured by us are suitable for any above the groundwater tank – be it steel, fiberglass, plastic or concrete.

    Each of our level indicators is:
    • Australian standard fire rated (except for the standard cat and mouse)
    • Ideal to be used for fire protection storage tanks as you can continue to read the water level gauge even during fire
    • Well tested and made up with quality products that are known to last long
    • Simple, reliable and easy to use

    The range of Level Indicators from Nicko is available in both unguided and guided level indicators, suitable for depths up to 3m and deeper than 3m, respectively.


    Water Tank Level Indicators

    Why do you need a level monitoring system?

    At times your water tank might overflow resulting into wastage of water. Or your water pump might get damaged while trying to pump water from a dry tank. By precisely monitoring the water tank level, you can minimize wastage by efficiently managing this precious resource. With good quality level indicators from Nicko, you can keep a check on the increasing or decreasing level of the water in the tank. Customized as per your requirements (the measurements and specifications of your water tank), these indicators help in preventing overflow condition, wastage of water and undesirable damage to the motor.

    Nicko’s Water Tank Level Indicators – For all your water level gauging needs

    We manufacture quality ensured water level gauge at economical prices. The products we supply are all manufactured to the highest standards and feature:

    • Easy installation: All the fixings, instructions and template are provided for easy mounting of the water level indicator on the tank roof.
    • Low maintenance: With high-quality materials and free running pulleys used, these water level gauges provide reliable and durable service.
    • True reading: Nicko’s direct-acting water level indicator shows the actual water level – what you see is what you have.
    • Simplicity: No tricks and tactics, no batteries, no wires to adjust, just a simple float/weight/pulley system.
    • Reliability: Our systems are designed, manufactured and tested in Australia, by certified Australian engineers, which means our level indicators can bear even the roughest climates and conditions.
    • Better performance than “dial gauge” type of indicator: Unlike ‘dial gauge’ type indicators, you do not have to climb up close to the water level gauge mounted on the tank to read a small dial indicating the water level.  You can see the exact level at a glance from a distance.
    • No maintenance needed
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    Unleashing other benefits:

    Nicko’s Level Indicators are accompanied with other benefits like:

    • Avoid seepage of roofs and walls due to overflowing tanks
    • No energy consumption – ideal for continuous process
    • Display the exact indication of water in overhead tanks
    • Simple to Install and No Maintenance

    Simple to Install and No Maintenance

    Nicko Water Tank Level Indicators are available in both guided and unguided level indicators, suitable for depths shallower than 3m and deeper than 3m, respectively.

    Our systems are designed, manufactured and tested in Australia, by certified Australian engineers – which means our level indicators are tough enough to withstand even the most rugged climates and conditions.

    Wow! What a Tank Indicator!

    Speak to us today about your water tank needs. We would be happy to chat and you can simply order online.

    For All Your Tank Monitoring Needs

    Nicko Water Tank Level Indicators are Australian made and will operate in a fire.

    If you need a depth meter for your water tank, we have the tools for you.

    The Best Water Tank Level Indicators in Australia

    Nicko’s water level indicators made of quality materials, manufactured in
    Australia and boasts of a 5-year warranty for a complete peace of
    mind. Nicko began manufacturing water tanks and accessories since
    1980 and are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of water
    tank level indicator float

    We offer a range of quality water
    level indicators

    that are reliable, easy to use and affordable. Our products are
    suitable for all types of above the ground water tanks including
    plastic, steel, concrete and fiberglass.

    Managing Rainwater is Easy with Our Water Tank Gauges

    A water tank level indicator detects andindicates the level of water in an overhead tank. With Nicko water tank level indicators, you can easily keep a track on the decreasing or increasing level of the water in the tank. We can customise the gauge based on the specifications and measurements of your water tank so you can precisely monitor the tank water level at all times. This offers several benefits:

    • Develop better usage habits and manage the rainwater you’ve stored.
    • Ensure you won’t be caught off guard at an inopportune moment
    • Avoid overflows and wastage of this precious resource
    • Ensure your water pump doesn’t run dry and damage itself

    Features of Nicko Water Level Indicators

    • Easy Installation –All the essential items (fixings, instructions and template) are included in the package so the handyman (or you) can easily mount the indicator on the roof of the tank
    • Easy to Maintain – Nicko water tank gauges are made of superior quality materials and robust design to provide a reliable service for years to come
    • Precise Reading Nicko water level indicators detect and indicate the actual water level. The reading shown on your indicator will perfectly match with the level of the water in the tank.
    • Reliable – Our water level indicators are designed and manufactured in Australia by certified engineers keeping in mind the local weather and climate. So you get a gauge that stands its own even in the roughest climatic conditions
    • Superior Performance – Nicko’s water level indicators offers far superior performance compared to “dial gauge” indicators. You won’t have to climb up to the gauge that’s mounted on the tank to get a reading. You can read the level from a distance from the tank

    Benefits of Nicko Water Level Indicator Float

    • Easily avoid water seepage on the roof or walls caused by overflowing tanks
    • A simple mechanical system that works round the clock without any
      energy consumption.
    • Suitable for all types of above ground tanks.
    • Australian standard fire rated (except the standard cat and mouse meters).
    • Seals directly to the water tank.
    • UV resistant.
    • A reliable float system
    • Extremely durable gauges that stand the test of time

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