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    New Nicko Big Ball V4 Level Indicator

    • $190.00

    NICKO BIG BALL Tank level Indicator Guage Operation

    This item: New Nicko Big Ball V4 Level Indicator
    Level Indicator Shim
    • Top quality View all around Level Indicator
    • High Visibility UV Stabilized Level Indicator Marker
    • Simple Level Indicator/ Guage to install Lasts a life time
    • Fully adjustable for any tank roof Rib lock or Flat roof
    • Adaptable to Corrugated type roofing
    • Only a 30mm Hole needs to be cut in the Roof
    • All of the Mechanism is outside the Tank

    Level Indicator Shim

    • Add on. Our current design allows angles of up to 15 degrees, however some tanks generally with curved or slanted roofs require more so the polearm can sit straight.
    • Our 3d printed shim will sit on top of your tank to allow the extra angle of up to 30 degrees.
      Allows Level indicator to sit at angles up to 30 degrees. Perfect for tanks with a curved or slanted roof.


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