Nicko Water Tank Level Guided Indicator

Alstore water tank level indicators use only the best materials and parts. They are built from non-corrosive aluminium with stainless steel wiring and rust-proof coating. We supply both guided and unguided water level indicators. Unguided meters are used in depths up to 3m and Guided are used in tanks with depths greater than 3m. Built to Your Needs Our products are all custom-built to order. That means no matter the dimensions or specifications, we can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today on 9331 6843 for an obligation-free quote.

Built to Be Easy

Assembly of your new water level indicator could not be easier. We supply you with instruction and all the fixings you need. It’s devilishly simple and won’t take more than a moment of your time. We offer payment by Paypal! Nicko’s guided water tank level indicators are ideal for detecting the tank level of deep water tanks (usually above 3M) and for high winds. Built from non-corrosive aluminum with stainless steel wiring and rust-proof coating, the guided water tank level indicators are suitable for any above the ground water tank measuring over 3 M of height. The guided water tank level indicators from Nicko are simple to install and are not effected by any wind sway. They measure the exact tank level and the 3M Hi Visibility Reflective material used on Indicator Gauge allows the user to read it even from 100′ away.

How it works?

The guided water level indicators comprise of a float connected to a pointer through a stainless steel wiring via a set of pulleys. The pointer slides over an adjusted gauge board inside the extruded aluminum frame, positioned parallel to the tank. The float precisely moves according to the water level variations in vertical direction inside the tank. The pointer outside the water tank will thus appear in ‘BOTTOM POSITION’ when the tank is ‘FULL’ and TOP POSITION’ when ‘EMPTY’. This means when the tank is full, the float is high and thereby the indicator is low. Thus, you get the exact visual of the water level. We have 2 models in guider water level indicators – Cat & Mouse and Direct acting. Nicko supplies you with all the fixings and instructions you need, it is really simple and will not take more than a moment of your time! No products found which match your selection.

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